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Welcome to Groovy Loops

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music, Background Music, music loops, and sound effects, with instant Preview, Purchase and Download

High quality fresh sounding Royalty free music tracks, Music loops, Background music and Sound Effects suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Our products can be used for a wide range of purposes, including music for television, radio, video, documentaries, advertising, Music on hold, music for flash, multimedia, games and movies.

All our music is sold with a simple one off fee which entitles you to use the music as much as you like.

Guaranteed 100% royalty free

All music at groovyloops is guaranteed 100% royalty free, so you know you only need to pay once to use our music as many times as you like on as many different projects as you like safe in the knowledge that you will never have t pay any further royalties.

Latest Royalty Free Music Tracks and Loops

Below is a small selection of examples taken from our online royalty free music loops library, to browse the full music loops library click here or to browse the royalty free music library click here

Adie Loop C
Length: 12 Sec
Price: $8.00
Category: Dance Loops
Hirst Loop B
Length: 14 Sec
Price: $8.00
Category: Ambient Loops
Barolo Loop A
Length: 19 Sec
Price: $8.00
Category: Rock Loops

Commission Us

We also offer a commissioned composition service that includes complete pieces of music, soundtracks and sound effects that can be used for many different applications, with all the music been unique to you. Interested in commissioning a composition with Please use our contact form with a brief description of your project; we will be in touch shortly after your enquiry.

What is royalty free music?

Royalty free music questionsRoyalty free music is music that is licensed to be used in synchronization with other forms of media, for example video, film or multimedia productions. Generally royalty free music uses a simple usage licence, where the consumer pays a one off fee for the music which enables them to use the music as many times as they like on as many productions as they like without having to pay any further royalties to the producers or copyright owners.

This kind of license gives the consumer greater value for money and makes it much more simple than other forms of production music which require additional royalties to be paid each time the piece of music is broadcast.

What can royalty free music be used for?

What can royalty free music be used for

Royalty free music can be used for many different things, like as background music for a film, video production, radio jingles, advertising, website, multimedia music, music on hold, pod casts, games and much more. If you are not sure just drop us an email and ask us, we will be pleased to help.

What Software can the music I buy at groovyloops be used with?

Our music can be used with all current multimedia software, from audio editing applications to video editing software to multimedia and web authoring software.

Our downloaded music is in CD quality .wav files, that is an industry standard format that will work on almost all software and equipment available today.

Here is a list of some of the better known software that our music is compatible with. Please note that if your software is not listed, donít worry chances are your software will support it.

Adobe Apple Other
After Effects
Final Cut
Soundtrack Pro
DVD Studio
Movie Maker
Ulead Video Studio
Pinnacle Studio
Sonic Foundry Vegas

What are Loops?

royalty free music loops library

Loops are pieces of music or individual instruments that have been edited to play continuously and seamlessly back-to-back without any gaps. They are popular as Music for flash productions, and as multimedia music, they are also excellent for using as web page music too.

What is music on hold?

Music on hold is the music you listen to when you are in a telephone queue, the music you listen to while your waiting for an operator to answer your call to the bank or insurance company for example. All our music is suitable for using as music on hold. We are currently developing a collection of specially produced music specifically for this purpose.


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